3131 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 202 Sarasota, FL 34239
3131 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 202 Sarasota, FL 34239



Supports your immune system with high dose vitamin c and other vital nutrients, antioxidants, and fluids that can help you fight infection, colds, flu, food poisoning, and more.

Best at the first sign of sickness or as prevention during holidays, travel, and flu season. 


One of our most popular and comprehensive drips, the Athlete enhances performance, increases energy & protein absorption, boosts muscle repair & mental focus, improves mitochondrial function and supports optimal health. 

Our proprietary, comprehensive drip delivers a mega dose of vitamins, antioxidants, hydration & mitochondrial support. The Signature promotes optimal health & aging, mitochondrial support, & increased energy. 
Glutathione Detox

Glutathione combined with a small bag of IV fluids detoxifies & repairs cellular damage, clears brain fog, improves memory, reduces inflammation (pain), improves insulin resistance, helps with autoimmune disease, boosts immune function, brightens skin, and reduces signs of aging including dark spots. Along with this, glutathione has been shown to repair cellular damage which may help those with Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Autism, stroke and liver disorders.

Also can be added to most IV Cocktails at a discounted rate. 


Helps to instantly support recovery for migraines and hangovers with a high dose of fluids and vitamins that rehydrate and detoxify cells, plus optional anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and acid reflux meds that alleviate pain & GI distress.

Pick Me Up

The classic nutrient-packed Myer’s Cocktail plus energizing taurine delivers a great dose of vitamins such as methyl B12 to support mitochondria and help to abolish mid-day drowsiness.

Great for those with not much time in need of increased energy, mental focus and immune system support. 


Dehydration is the #1 cause of aging & fatigue. The HydroCure goes beyond sports drinks, delivering high doses of fluids, electrolytes and B vitamins into the bloodstream for refreshing rehydration after athletic activity or too much sun. 

High Dose Vitamin C
Our highest dose of Vitamin C helps to fight infections, enhance cancer fighting power, alleviates side effects from traditional therapies, aids in combatting many chronic diseases, and improves energy levels.
Brain Repair

Our Brain Repair improves cognitive function including brain fog, mental clarity, & memory loss, normalizes cholesterol levels, helps reverse atherosclerosis, increases stress tolerance for cardiac trauma patients, helps fight alcoholic & non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

*add glutathione to greatly enhance brain boosting power


Commonly referred to as the “miracle molecule” and the “silver bullet of anti-aging,” NAD slows the effects of aging, enhances athletic performance, reduces inflammation (pain), increases energy, and improves healing post workout. Very popular for professional athletes.

NAD has also been shown to be effective for addiction to alcohol and opiates by helping decrease withdrawal symptoms and reduce physiologic recovery time.


250mg - 2 hours - $300

500mg - 4 hours - $500

1,000mg - 5 hours - $900


For those who want to elevate every system in the body with an extensive amount of vital nutrients for optimal health & aging. Our Athlete with added NAD to deliver high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly to the cells for performance enhancement, increased protein metabolism, and support for muscle growth and repair, then topped off with lipotropics to boost metabolism of fat cells, promote elimination of fat stored in the liver, and repair cells. 

This is an incredible overall boost for every system in the body. You can feel good knowing you’ve provided your body with a flood of vital nutrients for optimal health. 

250mg - 2 hours - $575

500mg - 4 hours - $700

1,000mg - 5 hours - $1,050

Jen Patitucci, RN explains how our proprietary ImmunoBoost IV super-charges your immune system and enables it to fight off any bug or virus that comes your way! With direct absorption into the bloodstream, a combination of all natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants give your immune system the best tools to defend against invaders.